About Us

Boston KM Forum is for people who work in the field of Knowledge Management with a focus on the mutual development of its members through the exchange of ideas, best practices, business opportunities, learning communication, and networking in the areas of:

  • Best PracticesCollaboration
  • Communities of Practice
  • Innovation, Content Management
  • Learning
  • Change Management

Mission of the Forum
The Boston KM Forum is a Community of Practice for people working in the field of Knowledge Management. The Forum will nurture an environment for the exchange of ideas, best practices, and business opportunities among its members through a variety of learning, communication, and networking settings.

While the primary focus of the Forum will remain the mutual development of its members, the Forum may from time to time engage in more formal outreach efforts to both related communities of practice and the more general community of interest around knowledge management.

Guiding Principles
The Forum serves its members by providing a local, hearty, highly participatory, and product-neutral platform to share professional ideas, concerns, and opportunities, as well as a vehicle for personal and professional growth.

The Forum is a volunteer organization in which individual members will contribute their time and energy to support the organization, its programs, and other members.

The primary vehicle for sharing and growth will be regular (monthly or semimonthly) meetings, each focused on a topic of interest to the members. Each meeting will feature one or two speakers knowledgeable in the topic(s) of the day. These speakers will set the stage and provide context, and then lead a discussion through which members and their guests can exchange ideas, practical applications, best practices, product information, and/or business opportunities.

The Forum will work to develop programs to support the personal and professional growth of its members.

From time to time, in partnership with an institution of higher education or some other corporate body, the Forum will sponsor and oversee special events, such as conferences, product fairs, and outreach activities.

The Forum will exemplify best KM practices in information sharing, communications, and collaboration by employing the Internet, team rooms, and related, technology-enabled services.

The Forum does not intend to seek general corporate financial sponsorships, but may do so as part of its special events.