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A Taxonomy Exercise, Part II - Categorizing

1.       Index using the most specific subject term(s) that describes the entirety of the work (We referred to this as aboutness).


2.       Do not add terms that express the broader categories unless the entire document is about the entire “broad” field in which case leave out the narrower terms.


3.       Do not expect that the author will necessarily use the exact language found in your controlled taxonomy list.


4.       When a document is about how two related concepts that each have controlled terms in the taxonomy, use both terms; do not create a new one (e.g. instead of Ballistic missile detection devices, USE two terms: Ballistic missiles and Sensors.).


5.       Develop a mental model or checklist for assuring that all key aspects of a document are captured through subject terms. (e.g. when indexing KM: process, skills, methods, technologies)


6.       If a new term is needed, submit the suggestion to the “authoritarian” with the material requiring the new term, plus any authority sources you have come across that back the recommendation.