Deliver Us from Web 2.0 Content Chaos: Activity, Attraction and Personal Knowledge Create the Awareness Engine

Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m., Microsoft, 201 Jones Rd., Sixth Floor, Waltham, MA 02451. Directions

SPEAKER: Thierry Hubert and Bill Ives, Darwin Ecosystem LLC

TOPIC:  The presentation will share with the audience a practical application of chaos theory for creating knowledge focal points from the chaotic mess of content resources distributed across the Web. Using a couple of examples, one from the Internet where socially generated content is exploding, and one from the enterprise where social tools are also contributing their own content bloat, Thierry will discuss the ideas that are driving a new product idea. The examples will illustrate how activity can make information more discoverable, and easier to explore through various visualization techniques. These techniques open the door for more self-discovery through intuitive recognition of patterns. They will help the explorer to find relationships among content objects and people that would not have been found using traditional search methods. PRESENTATION

BIOGRAPHY: Thierry Hubert has over 20 years experience in Knowledge Management, Collaboration Technologies and online Social Networks.  He is the co-founder of Darwin Ecosystem, a company currently building a next generation awareness engine based on emergence ranking from chaos theory principles.  While working for Price Waterhouse, Lotus Development Corporation and IBM, he helped create and pioneer some of the first recognized collaborative, knowledge management and enterprise 2.0 solutions for Fortune 500 companies.  His experience and passion for solving information consumption overload, in the increasingly chaotic and unstructured Web 2.0 communication flow, has lead him to embrace the chaos theory as a foundation for awareness, discovery and serendipity.

Bill Ives leads the social media efforts at Darwin Ecosystem. He has served for over 25 years in leadership positions as a consultant in learning, knowledge management, other business applications of emerging technologies, and most recently with social media such as blogs and Twitter. He has worked with US Fortune 500 companies in a range of industries, along with a number of leading European firms. He is also currently working with a variety of firms and individuals helping them with their blogging and Twitter strategies. Bill contributes to two blogs on enterprise 2.0: FastForward and the Appgap, as well as his own Portals and KM blog and the new Darwin Discovery Engine Blog.

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    Hello, My name is abubakar shinkafi, iam a postgraduate student studying Msc managing information technology at university of salford manchester UK.Iam presently writting my final dessertation, the title of the project is”applying web 2.0 technologies as an eanbler of knowledge management initiatives in organisations.I will please like to know how I can get the handout for the seminar you hold in december 2009 titled “Deliver us from web 2.0 content choas:Activity, attraction and personal knowledge creat the awareness engine”If iam gonna pay for it please let me know the payment process so as to gain access to the article which will be very relevant to work.

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    See the link in the meeting announcement for the PDF of the presentation. Lynda

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