From Networking to Net Work

Thursday, October 18, 2007, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m, Jarg, (MetraTech Building), 330 Bear Hill Road, Suite 230, Waltham.

Speaker: Patti Anklam

Program Description: Patti’s recent book, Net Work: A Practical Guide to Networks at Work and in the World, translates her insights from working in and with networks - including Boston KM Forum and other local Boston networks - into an overview of many different facets of network thinking and methodologies for working with networks. In this talk, Patti will introduce the Net Work framework, which includes a taxonomy for describing networks in terms of purpose, structure, style, and value; a toolkit for designing, examining, and leading networks through change; and the imperatives for leaders to shift to network thinking. Drawing on examples from the case studies in Net Work, Patti will illustrate how organizations of all types are using a network approach to organizing and managing complex sets of relationships and interdependencies, and how the emerging practices and tools support knowledge management strategies.

Patti’s book is available from and other online booksellers, including the publisher, Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann.

Biography: Patti Anklam is an independent consultant with expertise in collaboration practices, social network analysis, value network analysis, narratives and complexity, and knowledge management systems strategy and architecture. She has been called a “KM guru” by Inside Knowledge magazine, and is a recognized leader in the field of social network analysis for knowledge management, and is a frequent speaker and writer on the topic. Patti has been a member of the Boston KM Forum since 2002.

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