Enterprise 2.0: A Progress Report and Proposed Research Agenda

Monday, November 26, 4:00-5:30 pm at 3 Cambridge Center, MIT Building NE20, Room 336 Conference Room.

Andrew McAfee, Harvard Business School

This talk will discuss Enterprise 2.0, or the use of emergent social software platforms within organizations. In addition to providing examples and case studies, the talk will propose a theoretical base for framing the impact of Enterprise 2.0. The presentation will conclude by giving open questions that are of interest to practitioners in this area, and describing how these questions could be addressed by academic research.

Speaker bio
Andrew McAfee joined the faculty of the Technology and Operations Management Unit at Harvard Business School in 1998. His research investigates how managers can most effectively select, implement, and use Information Technology (IT) to achieve business goals. He launched the first HBS faculty blog, which examines the impact of IT on businesses and their leaders.

He was awarded a Doctorate in Business Administration at HBS in 1999. He also holds dual MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Management from MIT as a Leaders for Manufacturing fellow, and BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and in Humanities from MIT.

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