Transferring Knowledge and Strategies for Managing Change with Kathy Hagen

Thursday, February 16, 2012, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m., Microsoft, 201 Jones Rd., Sixth Floor, Waltham, MA 02451. Directions.

SPEAKER: Kathy L Hagen, Principal, K.L. Hagen

TOPIC: With over fourteen years of experience in companies across the world, Kathy Hagen has plenty of stories to share about how companies manage the delicate balance of managing employee expertise and continuing to leverage the value of those who have retired or are about to retire. Her model for managing and leveraging transfer of knowledge will be the top topic for the interview on February 16th. You will have plenty of time to engage this KM “thought-leader,” who is visiting from Minnesota, at the meeting about all of her professional experiences, successes and challenges. [Meeting Notes forthcoming from Moderator Lynda Moulton.]

BIOGRAPHY: Kathy L. Hagen is the Principal of K. L. Hagen, which specializes in Intellectual Capital Strategies.  Kathy Hagen focuses on the areas of knowledge transfer, intellectual capital and intellectual asset management, process improvement and cultural change. Her knowledge management strategies and knowledge transfer methods have been successfully implemented and used extensively by global companies facing the challenges of an aging workforce with the need to capture and transfer knowledge to a new generation of workers. Kathy’s current work concentrates on methods of managing strategic, deeply held, or tacit knowledge; leveraging intellectual assets; and developing collaborative processes across functional, geographic, or cultural boundaries during times of organizational transition.

Kathy has held positions that combined knowledge management, process improvement, change management, and information technology in the life sciences, manufacturing, and retail industries. Kathy worked with Deloitte as a Senior Manager heading the Intellectual Capital Practice and served as the Assistant Director of Exploratory Development Informatics and Knowledge Management at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Groton, Connecticut, and earlier she was the principal leading the Global Knowledge Management Practice for Health Care at Computer Science Corporation. Kathy is also a member of the Twin Cities Knowledge Management Forum. She teaches Knowledge Transfer at the Minnesota State College and University System and is a guest lecturer at St. Thomas University Graduate School of Business.

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