Topics of Interest to Boston KM Forum Community

We had numerous suggestions of topics to cover at future breakfast meetings after a survey of our active mailing list. A sample of the suggestions is digested. As you will see, some topics are very broad but more are extremely specific and there is not a lot of overlap. Click here to see the digest.

There were even more responses that were enthusiastic about past topics and meetings. However, the most consistent comment and lament was the timing of meetings and the desire to attend at a different time. These breakfast meetings have been staged to be very informal, at a regular time and location that requires no special logistics or parking arrangements. The leaders settled on the 1st Friday of every month to avoid the end of business quarters and take advantage of the arrangements many have to work remotely on Friday’s.

Only a hand-full of people were willing to lead a discussion and none in the short term; others were enthusiastic about attending in the past and future but not as leaders.

Given the focus on practices, methods and processes that stimulate, encourage, and foster knowledge exchange (the mission of our community of practice), who is going to pick the topics and lead the discussions?

This is about providing a forum for like-minded professionals to have informal discussions, or as practiced elsewhere in the world, meet-ups. Should breakfast meetings continue, or not?

Here is the dilemma we face: can we change the time, format (new leaders), and pick topics to attract a regular critical mass? Six to 12 people is a good number for discussion to flourish.

We established this blog to enable an exchange of ideas. Please read the suggestions and add your own through the comments to this posting. Based on responses, we’ll revisit the resumption in early 2012.

Meanwhile, 3rd Thursday of the month afternoon meetings with featured guests will continue at the Microsoft facility in Waltham.

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