Tag Me! Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise

Thursday, September 18, 2008, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m, Microsoft, 201 Jones Rd., Sixth Floor, Waltham, MA 02451 , Waltham. Directions. [NOTE: New Location!]

SPEAKER: Laurie E. Damianos, The MITRE Corporation, Lead Artificial Intelligence Engineer

TOPIC: In today’s fast-paced world, every knowledge worker needs to stay ahead in their area of expertise. But staying ahead of the pack is a key challenge with the explosion of information sources. How can people easily find relevant resources and quickly find them again? How do people share useful resources with their colleagues? How can people discover new topics, experts in other fields, and new information? MITRE is piloting “collective intelligence” tools to help users find resources and share them across the corporation. The goals of this effort are to leverage the wisdom of the crowds and increase the number of access points to relevant content. MITRE has built and fielded a social bookmarking tool – allowing users to bookmark, tag, and share resources as well as discover experts and new topics. Laurie will discuss findings on adoption, usage, and social influences and highlight some of the challenges we faced integrating this exploratory technology into the enterprise. PRESENTATION

BIOGRAPHY: Laurie Damianos has been with MITRE for over 10 years. Her interests focus on human-computer interaction, specifically design and development of usable and useful systems for real problems and real users, applications of user-centered studies, and research into evaluation methodologies. She is currently investigating social software and is involved in fielding onomi, a social bookmarking tool on MITRE’s intranet. Ms Damianos has degrees in mathematics, computer science, and the biological sciences from Carnegie Mellon University.

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6 Responses to “Tag Me! Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise”

  1. 1 Jordan Frank

    I have a conflict but would have liked to come. Please send the slides if possible!! On a related thread, my deck on “Non Subject Tagging in an E2.0 World” from the June KM Forum meeting is here:


  2. 2 Jack Vinson
  3. 3 Marc Solomon

    You can reference my blog posting for this meeting at the above link.

  4. 4 Roberta preve

    Could you please send the slides from this presentation:
    Tag Me! Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise I wasn’t able to attend

  5. 5 lynda

    When speakers share their presentations with the community. A link is present in the meeting announcement, as soon as the presentation is available. See the program description (http://kmforum.org/blog/?p=106 )for the PRESENTATION link. Roberta, you missed an excellent discussion.

  6. 6 Lynda

    Check out Marc Solomon’s article on this topic: The In-House PROVIDER BASE, By Marc Solomon in Publication: Searcher, Date: Saturday, November 1 2008 at http://www.allbusiness.com/technology/software-services-applications/11693823-1.html. The speaker for this session, Laurie Damianos of MITRE was featured in the article.

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