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Best of the KM Cafe - A Recap of the April 29th Symposium at Bentley U.

Friday, May 7, 2010 at 7:30 - 9:30 a.m.  Rebecca’s at Reservoir Place, Trapelo Road, Waltham.

TOPIC:  We don’t know what we will know after the series of roundtable discussions on April 29th but from the following six topics, each being debated and discussed three times, we expected some novel or new ideas:

•    Avoid future crisis – How can business and application process documentation be kept up-to-date and in sync?
•    Social networking redo – How can a failed collaboration implementation be successfully re-launched?
•    Clinical practice experts online – What’s the next step in a collaboration infrastructure?
•    Taxonomies – How can they improve enterprise search?
•    “Library/information management” and “knowledge management” – Are these professionals’ competencies alike? and Do titles matter?
•    Records management, knowledge management, and information management – Are they converging or diverging?

Come to share what you learned at the meeting OR learn what you missed.

Registration Form for Friday Only

Registration Details (Cost, logistics, etc.)

Modeling the World with Four Colors: UML class model patterns

Speaker: Norman Daoust of Daoust Associates will present Modeling the World with Four Colors: UML class model patterns on Wednesday, February 24, 2010, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. at Foley Hoag LLP, Emerging Enterprise Center, Bay Colony Corporate Center 1000 Winter Street, Suite 4000, North Entrance, Waltham, Massachusetts

This program is sponsored by IEEE Consultants Network. Admission: no charge; the meeting is open to the public; tell your friends, they’ll appreciate it!

Description: This presentation describes patterns for creating domain models using four colors to stereotype the UML (Unified Medical Language) classes into five categories. This speeds up the analysis modeling process, produces models that are easy to review and critique. The use of color adds to the information content of the model and provides an excellent mechanism for visual discrimination of the concepts.

The presentation begins with a brief description of the five stereotype classes, followed by an example, tips for identifying each of classes, and concludes with a stereotyped way the stereotype entities fit together.

Attendees will learn the four colors and how to apply them. They will leave with a different way of thinking about the world.

Audience: business analysts, data analysts, data modelers, people who want a framework for categorizing data

Graduate Student Interns Available for Summer 2010

Seeking Internship Opportunities in greater-Boston through Bentley/Warwick Professor

From Sue Newell: I have five master’s students from Warwick Business School (Warwick University, UK) who are coming over to the US for 3 months between May and August to do their dissertation with me at Bentley University. They are taking an Information Systems and Management master’s course which essentially focuses on the management of IT in business organizations. As part of this program I have taught them a course on Knowledge, Innovation and Change where they have been exposed to ideas of knowledge management and the students who are coming over all have interests in this area. They have varied previous work experience (I can send their CVs to anyone interested).

Their dissertation needs to draw on the academic literature but I have found that students gain most when they can explore theories and concepts in the light of some actual work experience. In the past they have taken on internship type roles where they have been given a specific task to do - a project which perhaps you simply don’t have time to do yourself but which you know would be useful. They can spend 2-3 days per week for 2 months doing this project, with the rest of their time spent on their dissertation writing, using the project as a base for this work.

If you have a project which you think could be suitable, then please contact me: (Sue Newell, Cammarata Professor of Management, Bentley University and PT Professor of Information Management, Warwick University).

Fall Meeting New England Chapter, American Society for Indexing

New England Chapter, American Society for Indexing (NEASI); Annual Fall Conference (Open to members and non-members), Saturday, October 4, 2008, 9:00am to 4:00pm

Location: Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center on Cedar Lake, Sturbridge, MA 01566

E 2.0 Survey Invitation from Patti Anklam

Please share your views on various Enterprise 2.0 (social software) tools.

E2.0 survey: this one is being supported by Patti Anklam of Net Work in partnership with InfoToday and SLA. There may be some preliminary results from that published in the next couple of weeks leading up to the next Boston KM Forum meeting at Bentley College: KM 2.0: Reality or Hype?

Click here to enter the survey

Bertrand Piccard’s ‘Space Grant Lecture’ at MIT

Thursday, November 15, 3:00 pm, with Swiss style reception for attendees from 4:30 - 5:00 pm.

Bertrand Piccard’s ‘Space Grant Lecture’ at M.I.T., sponsored by Swissnex Boston (formerly SHARE), Consulate of Switzerland at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Room 26-100, Compton Laboratories, access via 60 Vassar Street, Cambridge. Free admission.

Further details

RSVP by November 9, 2007 via sending email to

Conference on Social Entrepreneurship & Complexity

Thursday - Saturday, April 10-12, 2008 at Adelphi University, Garden City, New York.

Events in Complexity Leadership; Conference on Social Entrepreneurship & Complexity.

Check out site for details on the call for presentations and papers.

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